Considering IBM

IBM is one of the leading global providers of business analytics and big data technology and services. Its portfolio spans analytic and business intelligence tools as well as a range of data management and integration software. Among these are solutions for audience insight for broadcast and television networks, and fan insight for sports teams and live event venues.

These solutions were developed to help your company:

  • Understand consumer’s viewing behaviors and attain 360º audience profiles – looking at audiences as individual consumers
  • Generate more accurate programming forecasts
  • Identify higher value audience micro-segments for advertisers
  • Predict audience behavior, and related metrics such as ratings, sales, and audience size
  • Deliver higher ROI promo and ad campaigns

Table 2: Behavior Based Insight Capabilities

Audience Insight Fan Insight
  • Analyze trends, classify fan engagement, and identify triggers of churn
  • Create audience profiles based on demographics, behavior, and brand affinity
  • Understand audience preferences, and dynamic advertising opportunities
  • Predict program viewership and recommend program and ad placements
  • Create fan profiles based on demographics, purchasing history, and online behavior
  • Optimize ticketing, retail, and concessions sales
  • Predict fan behavior and recommend marketing promotions
  • Enable delivery of real-time mobile messaging and coupons

Source: IBM, 2015

Figure 7: IBM in the Business Analytics and Big Data Markets

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